Our Members

Carla Leon

Carla has a passion for serving her community which led her to Friends of Tremont Park. Volunteering at Friends of Tremont Park has given her the opportunity to activate, serve, and advocate for her community. She also understands the importance of bringing the Tremont community together and is extremely happy to be a part of the incredible transformation that is being witnessed at Tremont Park.

Justin Mashia

Justin loves volunteering with Friends of Tremont Park because he loves the people within that community. He also loves the work Friends of Tremont Park does for the community. Justin is very passionate about anything community-oriented that's positive. If it’s for the Bronx, Justin is here for it #bxallday.

Karla Cabrera Carrera

Karla loves to have a positive impact in her community. Friends of Tremont Park has provided her with a platform to learn new skills while serving her community. She is hopeful that the work of Friends of Tremont Park will inspire others to beautify and activate Tremont Park.

Carly Wine

Carly got involved with Friends of Tremont Park when she worked in the building across the street from Tremont Park and saw a need for more City funding and resources for the park and Tremont community. It's been a privilege for her to witness and participate in the amazing work of Friends of Tremont Park.

Pedro Rivera

Pedro volunteers with Friends of Tremont Park because he likes to help and serve his community. Pedro is passionate about the Bronx’s open and green spaces and knows how essential these third spaces are for our community. Pedro's passion for parks, community gardens, and running led him to be part of Friends of Tremont Park, where he takes pride in serving the Tremont community.